Artist Statement

For me art is an expression of my past: of being taken from country to country as a child, being bicultural and bilingual, and adjusting to different environments.  But it is also an expression of the present as I now live between Peru and the States.  I convey this experience through paintings, installation boxes and assemblages.  Although the message is often serious, I want the work to be playful.

I use many different materials: acrylics, oils, wax, crayons, wood, paper, and more in my work. My work consists on the whole of paintings, assemblages and installation boxes.  Strong color harmony is an important element, as are design and composition.

My painting style is expressive and my subjects are mostly figures, silhouettes and landscapes.  In the figure paintings, women are often the subject.  These works are in acrylic paint or paint combined with collage of fabric or paper.  In my 'close up' and landscape paintings, the close ups depict the intimate connection of plants and flowers to the larger landscape of the environment.  My concern is that as wetlands and sea shores are affected by climate change these features of our environment become more dear.

The installation boxes represent members of my family. They can be put together  in different ways and depict some of the members' characteristics.  For example, the box called "Cero Latina / Zero Latina" represents the women that don't count in the Latin family.  The boxes are made of wood and treated wood boards that are laser-cut.  These three-dimensional images are graphic representations in bold colors.

My assemblages are made mostly from found objects, wood boxes and hardware such as locks and hinges. I find that, by putting these things together, I find meaning in the piece and enjoy the juxtaposition of the rough and smooth textures

My work is strongly influenced by fiction, newspapers, poetry or the art of others, such as Richard Diebenkorn, and other artists of the Bay Area figurative painters of the 1950's.  In addition, so many of  today's issues, immigration and the role of women in both societies have had an impact on many of my pieces.

The challenge of being creative is putting things together in a different way.

—Rosa Vera